Part of your business model includes having  an esthetically pleasing presence. Having a great name, a great logo, and a great website is essential because these things are your introduction to your clients and your introduction to the world. These are the faces of your company. It defines who you are and defines what your business is all about. For example, many believe that your logo is just an image, when in fact, your logo is a message. It tells your story.  It's your way of demonstrating  your mission statement to the world. It's your stamp of quality. It's your signature.


Your logo is what connects you to  your clients. It explains who you are and what you do. Most people weigh heavily on a well-designed logo to determine whether or not to do business with you.


Avant-Garde Design Solutions focuses on achieving the perfect logo, and for that reason, is commissioned around the world from start-ups,  to major corporations. Whether  launching a new business venture to attract potential clients or rebranding your existing company to attract a newer and wider audience, a great design engineered properly and successfully speaks volumes. We can help with that!

Graphic Design

Print Design 

Professionally designed marketing pieces assist in many ways. They are an extension of your identity that delivers a message. The message you are trying to send  comes in various forms. These are called Marketing Pieces. They come in the form of: a brochure, signage, a poster, a business card,  an advertising banner and a flyer, These are all an extension of your company. Maintaining a strong presence of continuity, will  further identify you and your business, product, and/or service. We can help with that!

Company Naming

An awesome business name, even in a 'dot com' capacity, strategically developed for your company, says so much about you, and attracts the right customer to you!  We can help with that!

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